“I lost my ability to be happy. I’ve lost a lot of interest in my friends — I lost family, I lost myself and what hurts me more is that I lost everyone who said they were going to be there for me — I lost time I could have been enjoying my childhood — I have less motivation for school — I’ve lost myself.”

EdWeek, “Students Respond to Adults’ Fixation on ‘Learning Loss'”, 2/2/21

Educators also need to accelerate toward the future of learning: Not tweaking, but reimagining education

  • Meet disengagement with authentic learning to promote competency development 

  • Meet disconnection with meaningful relationships to promote understanding of self, others, and community 

  • Meet trauma with joyful learning to promote responsive social and emotional wellness

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Today, educators need to meet the moment and address critical disengagement, disconnection and trauma


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Dr. Kyle Gamba has been an educator and principal for over 15 years both locally and internationally. He feels very passionate about prioritizing engaging experiences, relationship building and character in the lives of children (and adults). As someone who has sat in classes for a huge part of his life (BS, MPA, EdD), he believes we can do much better. 

He is an avid traveler, adventurer, and fun-seeker. Kyle and his fabulous wife, Jennifer, have three amazing children and currently live in Denver.

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Lisa Simms has been an educator for over 20 years, including being a co-designer and principal for Denver Public School's first competency-based high school, DSISD. She is passionate about the arts, social justice, and changing the landscape of public education to be more student centered and equitable. She also cares very deeply about environmental stewardship, and getting kids in nature as much as possible. She is a proud auntie of two amazing nephews, a musician, artist, and an avid gardener.

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 Mike Hardiman, originally from New England,  has teaching and leadership experience in independent and charter schools. He developed his career as a middle school teacher at a tuition-free, private school in Massachusetts. He also developed a student-centered IB curriculum at a leading private school in Florida. He  is leading the design and development of an innovative and private lab school in Denver that is accessible and affordable to students.  Michael loves Denver and the outdoors.

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Common Learning Principles

Engage in micro school design, anchored in common learning principles

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Design, Incubation & Launch 

Guide educators and communities through critical phases of conscientious and co-creative development

Community of Practice

Facilitate a supportive network for educators, families, and communities


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Micro-schools have the benefit of lower overhead, higher autonomy, and greater agility.